Al Murjan Hospital

  • HILAL TECHNOLOGY designed and deployed a Dell VSAN solution that provided Al Murjan Hospital with scalable storage capacity
  • The team implemented VMware to enable efficient virtualization, enhancing resource management and streamlining IT operations.
  • The hospital's technical infrastructure was strengthened with the deployment of Dell Unity


HILAL TECHNOLOGY¬†collaborated with Al Murjan Hospital to provide an advanced and reliable technical infrastructure that meets the hospital’s diverse needs. The solution encompassed the deployment of Dell VSAN, VMware, Unity, and Data Domain. This combination offered scalable storage, efficient virtualization, unified management, and robust data protection capabilities.

Business Challenges

Al Murjan Hospital required a highly scalable storage solution to accommodate the growing volume of medical records and data generated by various hospital departments. The hospital sought a comprehensive virtualization solution that enables efficient resource management and seamless administration of the IT environment.


& Management


Solution Provided

HILAL TECHNOLOGY¬†proposed a comprehensive solution that combined Dell VSAN, VMware, Unity, and Data Domain to address Al Murjan Hospital’s challenges. The solution offered scalable storage capacity, efficient virtualization capabilities, unified management, and advanced data protection features. Additionally, Dell Enterprise solutions were deployed to enhance the overall technical infrastructure.


Scalable Storage Solution

The implementation of Dell VSAN provided Al Murjan Hospital with a scalable storage solution, accommodating the increasing volume of medical records and data.

Efficient Virtualization and Resource Management

VMware enabled efficient virtualization, allowing the hospital to optimize resource utilization and streamline IT operations.

Unified Storage Management

Dell Unity unified storage management, simplifying administration and enhancing the overall management of storage resources.

Robust Data Protection

The integration of Data Domain ensured the security, integrity, and availability of critical patient data through advanced backup and recovery capabilities.

Services Used

Dell VSAN Deployment
VMware Implementation
Data Domain Integration



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