Telecom Consulting Services

HILAL TECHNOLOGY provides telecommunications services through our partners NorthStar Technology, a telecommunication company licensed by the TRA in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Our infrastructure and cloud solutions integrated with a wide range of telecommunication solutions provide a total ICT proposition to customers in the Kingdom enabling them to stay connected globally.

1. High Speed Connectivity:

High-speed fiber optic internet services on Bnet networks play a crucial role in what is now a highly digitalized world where rapid, reliable and consistent connectivity is essential. HILAL TECHNOLOGY is able to provide super-fast, stable   and dependable connections across a multitude of applications for our customers. Through NorthStar’s high speed connectivity we can ensure uninterrupted communication for business or pleasure across the world.

2. SDWAN-Software Defined WAN

Our SDWAN solutions enable companies to utilize a mix of cloud and in-house applications across multiple offices throughout the world. Companies can choose to access cloud services, enhance their digital security, support mergers and acquisitions and optimize bandwidths whilst reducing the risk of network downtime with the most cost-effective solution.

Implementation of SD-WAN is considered to be a major step in an organization’s digital transformation and is rapidly emerging as the most preferred solution for business connectivity replacing traditional networks.

3. Telecom Network Consulting Services-TNC Services

As a part of our TNC services we provide advice, guidance, and support to organizations with the aim of optimizing network operations, reducing costs and improving overall performance. Services include Network design and Optimization, IT strategy and planning, Cost optimization, Cybersecurity and Risk management, Vendor management and Regulatory and Compliance.

4. Star Tracker- IOT based GPS tracking with Last Mile Delivery Solution

Our IOT based GPS tracking services provide Real Time visibility, along with data driven insights to improve efficiency and customer experiences.

In addition, our Integrated “Last Mile Delivery” module, enables companies to implement a pay-per-use model to ensure on time delivery. This solution will benefit start-ups as well as companies in the grocery, ecommerce, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, pharma and retail sectors.

HILAL TECHNOLOGY’ Security Operations Center offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance your organization’s security profile. With our advanced technologies, certified experts, and customer-centric approach, we are committed to providing you with solutions which will give you peace of mind. Trust us to safeguard your business from evolving cyber threats, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your success.



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